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Common Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids – The Common Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The Common Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are inflated veins at the lower rectum or around the anus. It is a shape up that can be very painful and now and again awkward. Although anyone can get it, those who are 50 years ancient and older are prone to mend this shape up. Pregnant women are also highly at risk. It is valuable that you know the common symptoms of hemorrhoids to immediately seek behavior.

Common causes of hemorrhoids are pregnancy, anal intercourse, constipation or difficulty in bowel passage, solidity, ancient age, lack of fiber in the diet and prolonged sitting.

There are two types of hemorrhoids, the internal and open-air hemorrhoids. The most common symptom of internal hemorrhoids is the presence of red blood on your stool, toilet paper or at the toilet bowl. Rectal flow of blood maybe a symptom of other disease, so it is valuable to consult your doctor. For open-air hemorrhoids, the most common symptom is the protrusion of inflated hard lump around the anus. Other common symptoms of hemorrhoids are painful bowel passage, itching on the unnatural area and mucus discharge from the anus after bowel passage.

Although the common symptoms of hemorrhoids may go away on its own after a few days, it is still best to seek certified advice because it could be a symptom of other rectal and digestive harms.

The common symptoms of hemorrhoids can be very unsettling and it is valuable to know how to ease the discomforts brought by this shape up. If you are sure that you have hemorrhoids, it is valuable to find the best behavior that will work for you.

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Common Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

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As the name suggests, the term thrombosed open-air of hemorrhoids refers to the shape up when an run of the mill open-air hemorrhoid becomes blocked, by a blood clot. This leads to further complications, and pain.

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Anyone who knows about other disorders like deep vein thrombosis, will be worried that the disorder may be perilous, or even life threatening. The excellent news is that since hemorrhoids form in veins, not arteries, there is small risk of oxygenated blood flow to the area being compromised. The terrible news is that the veins are the means by which toxins are indifferent from cells and tissues.

This means that while thrombosed open-air of hemorrhoids will not lead to tissue necrosis, the risk of inflammation and infection are high.

Typically, anyone can suffer from this painful shape up, but because they are caused by motionlessness, which allows blood flow to slow down, and clots to form, which is why the elderly, and pregnant women, who are more sitting, are more likely to suffer from this shape up.

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If you are distress from thrombosed hemorrhoids, you are dodgy to be able to ignore them! Take the pain, itching and burning of an run of the mill hemorrhoid, and boost it tenfold, and you have some thought of what you are likely to encounter. They are also typically dark red, blue or even black in color, thanks to the blood clot. Reckon of them as an intense, contained bruise.

Although there are some cases where thrombosed open-air hemorrhoids will get better on their own, it is always better, if you are distress from this shape up, to speak to a doctor, as there is a high risk of infection.

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Internal Hemorrhoids Emedicine

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