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Otc Hemorrhoid Creams – Treating Hemorrhoids – A Close Look At The Treatment Options

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Treating Hemorrhoids – A Close Look At The Behavior Options

Hemorrhoids are an incredibly annoying medical shape up that many people are discomfited to seek behavior for. But, it’s valuable to know your behavior options in order to stop the ache.

If you’ve investigated the innumerable types of hemorrhoid treatments that are available, then you doubtless know that there are a range of hemorrhoid remedies, counting over the deactivate creams and suppositories, as well as dietary recommendations, natural remedies, and even surgical remedies in the most utmost cases.

The excellent news is that the vast margin of hemorrhoid sufferers can get long term relief of hemorrhoid symptoms with the right lifestyle changes. But, this does take time, and in the meantime, you need to know how you can get some much need relief. The question is: should you spend your money on hemorrhoid suppositories or other over the deactivate treatments?

When it comes to hemorrhoid suppositories, these are doubtless the least caring OTC treatments available. They are completely ineffective for open-air hemorrhoids, since they are inserted into the rectum. Hemorrhoid suppositories may provide some relief for internal hemorrhoids, but even this is unpromising, since they often come to rest too high in the rectum to do any excellent.

The one way that suppositories can help is if they help you have a bowel passage with less straining. It is straining to pass stools that is the essential cause of hemorrhoids, so any events you can take to relieve the constipation can help alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. In the long run, you’ll need to make changes in your dietary habits to avoid constipation if you hope to gain stable relief from hemorrhoids.

In the small term, you can get some relief from hemorrhoid creams, though these are a stop gap key. You can get relief from the itching or pain with these, but they won’t really work to cure the problem. You can also use natural remedies for pain relief, and there are natural treatments available that you can use in conjunction with lifestyle changes to end your hemorrhoid problem for excellent.

Sorry to say, these creams are simply small-term solutions and they don’t do whatever thing to cure the issue. Instead of constantly masking hemorrhoid symptoms time and again by using suppositories and creams, a better approach is to get to the heart of the problem by ending the need to strain to pass a bowel passage. You can do this by using natural remedies in conjunction with eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, and by drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water or other clear fluids each day.

Being paid stable relief from hemorrhoids will make it much simpler to deal with the tasks you have to exact every day lacking the interference of painful and annoying hemorrhoids symptoms. Using effective natural remedies can help speed up your recovery, mainly when used alongside valuable dietary and lifestyle changes.

Using a natural cure for hemorrhoids is always my ideal sanction rather than using prescription drugs. Click Here for in rank on a natural cure that you can use today to get instant relief. All the best!

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Otc Hemorrhoid Creams – Witch Hazel Hemorrhoids – Treat Internal and External Hemorrhoids

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Witch Hazel Hemorrhoids – Treat Internal and Open-air Hemorrhoids

Using witch hazel hemorrhoids to deal with the irritation and uncomfortableness of open-air hemorrhoids is tough to handle. Every year or so, thousands shell out money for over priced otc hemorrhoids creams and all to treat the itching and of course pain of open-air hemorrhoids. I’m sorry to say that I have had to deal with open-air hemorrhoids. I’ve bought many different brands of ointments and creams to help me with my hemorrhoids.

Although I did try a lot of different otc medicines for hemorrhoids, It seem to me the best was the hazel which seems to have provided the best relief from all that came with open-air hemorrhoids. This was my normal that I did for a while using hazel for being paid rid of the itching and pain.

So that you can make sure you get the best consequences from using the witch hazel hemorrhoids to get rid of symptoms from the open-air hemorrhoids you should buy a bottle of witch hazel and some sort of pads made from cotton to make sure it can soak up the most amount of liquid.

It does’nt mind what kind of you hold they are all about the same so buy the cheapest possible. Ok, so you wisely place a cotton pad sodden with witch hazel onto the open-air hemorrhoid. There is no problem leaving the pad in place for a while so that the open-air hemorrhoid can get well over a sooner than later period of time.

While there is no problem leaving the cotton pad sodden with witch hazel in place for a long period of time, it could happen to dry after some time. The pad will surely get dirty after using the bathroom, then you should change the pad afterwards.

Witch hazel hemorrhoids is much simpler to use than those otc medicines to treat open-air hemorrhoids. If you happen to have internal hemorrhoids instead, place a small water with your liquid hazel and place it in your rectum with a enema bottle. See your doctor if there is any flow of blood caught up.

Living with hemorrhoids if only for a few days can be a pain. Find out more about using witch hazel hemorrhoids at


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Otc Hemorrhoid Creams

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